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The Granada Group works with its partner network of equity and debt investors to acquire small- to medium-sized firms. By working with this bench of investment partners (rather than a fixed set of LPs), we're able to structure our acquisitions creatively to meet sellers’ specific needs.


We invest in healthy businesses with favorable future prospects, and seek to maximize investor value by building a foundation for long-term growth. We can help owners take cash off the table; rework the ownership structure; consider an employee buyout of the company; prepare the corporate structure for the next generation of family leadership; and navigate a smooth transition to this next chapter of your firm's story.

We bring a single-minded focus to building a successful future for your company post-acquisition. With that goal in mind, we make it our first priority to recognize the contributions of the people that have made the company what it is today.


Because we focus on the quality of our efforts to build great companies, we strive to enhance the reputation of your company’s current identity as a standalone organization.  This stands in stark contrast to strategic acquirers that plan to absorb your company into theirs.  When you sell your life’s work to Granada, your employees will not come in the next day to discover that they now work for a newly-acquired division within a contracting conglomerate. 


We work with healthy companies already facing a bright future, and bring our experience to bear toward continuing that success story.



Nimble.  Efficient.  Transparent.  When you work with Granada, you won’t find yourself bogged down by process.  We work quickly and effectively to explore a flexible deal structure that achieves seller and buyer goals, without last-minute surprises that can decrease the likelihood of close.


With our bias toward growth, we pay a fair price for a healthy company, and make a smooth transition our goal. With our small firm size and culture of discretion, we work quickly and quietly with sellers to minimize the potentially disruptive effects on operations that can come from such a contemplated liquidity event.

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